Hello!  My name is Chomba Hermanus and I am a  Martha Beck certified Master Life Coach. My vision is to help you become more of who you truly are. By that I mean, who you are at your essence – the best, most effective, potent part of you.  Do you know who that is or where it’s hiding out?

I believe that


Everyone has one.  There is nothing you have to do or become to get one. You already have it.

I wish for you a life beyond your self-inflicted borders. Who you are today is as a direct result of what you have thought and continue to think about yourself. Consciously or unconsciously! The amazing thing about this is that in each moment you get to re – invent yourself with new thoughts. YES YOU. Not me, I just want to show you how.

I think that life is a process of remembering who we really are. You are the only one who can put you back together again. YOU already possess all the answers for your life’s  journey. You just have to take the time and go within to see what is already there.

Daniel Coyle in his book “The Talent Code” suggests that it takes 10,000 hours for us to become genius at anything. How have you invested  your first 10,000 hours? What thoughts and beliefs have you reinforced for yourself.  Are they working for you?  HOW WILL YOU SPEND YOUR NEXT 10,000 HOURS?……………I can’t wait to see what you create.