If you think you might benefit from working with me I can be contacted as follows…………

Martha Beck Master Certified Life Coach

(P) +27 21 794 5126

(M) +27 83 380 9996

Fax    : 0866 973 766

e-mail: chomba@mldesign.co.za

Skype: chomba.hermanus

Testimonial from Martha Beck……….

“If you’re trying to handle an overfull schedule, break free from corporate drudgery, or simply find a way to bring depth and passion to your life, Chomba Hermanus could be just the coach you’re looking for.  Chomba is smart, direct, buoyant, and inspiring.  She understands what it’s like to juggle family and professional demands in their most demanding incarnations.  She can help you do the same, and even better, she’ll keep you laughing the whole way.”

And a testimonial from one of my clients……………………………

Chomba, I am so pleased you qualified as a Martha Beck Life Coach.

When I first met you I was very nervous.  After each consultation your warmth and willingness to help me shone through. It was good to see the thought patterns I have that are keeping me stuck. It is very reassuring knowing that by making internal changes – the external changes I hope for will manifest in my life.  Thank you for the laughs in our sessions.  That helped too.


to view more on Chomba log on to www.marthabeck.com


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