Border Control. Are you meeting your visa requirements?

May 8, 2012

I have travelled a lot in my life and still the worst part of any journey for me is landing in a new country and having to go through border control or passport control as it is commonly known. I find the physical delineation of  borders between countries so arbitrary that it irritates me to  have to get permission to cross from one space to another. After all that’s what visas are –  requests for permission to travel to our desired destination.

As part of our visa application process we gather information to prove that we are fit to travel  across specific borders and will go to great lengths to fulfill requirements so that we can gain access to other countries. We literally do what ever it takes to gain entry – We will stand in endlessly long lines and return again the next day after initial rejections; we will prove our qualifications, find money, consult lawyers, sign affidavits, get health checks and injections….

Yet if borders are such a hindrance to travel why do we invest  so much time and energy in  creating our own internal borders?  We create borders through our thoughts, fears and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck where we are. When it comes to getting past these borders though, we are content to not even look at the visa application, never mind trying to fulfill the criteria. These borders become barriers through which many of us are unwilling to break.  Our borders keep us contained, paralysed and small in the world. The idea of travel can seem almost alien.

Where are your borders preventing you from going?  What would it look like for you to start meeting the most basic visa requirements set by your borders? Are you willing to stand in line and return again after a setback or rejection? Our most basic visa requirements could look like the following:-

  1. Question your thoughts and beliefs. Much of what we believe about ourselves is not actually true. Uncovering some of these falsehoods will automatically lower and dissolve many  of our barriers.
  2. Name your fears.  By examining our fears and gauging how much of our life they are actually costing us or preventing us from living,  we might decide to make new choices that help us beyond our fears. Fears can be more scary from a distance than when we come into close proximity with them.
  3. Be patient with yourself and the process.
  4. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and trust that the information you receive is accurate.

Remember that borders are arbitrarily placed.  You are not your borders, They do not have to hold you back. I wish for you a life beyond you self-inflicted borders.

Happy landings.


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