Who are you to be?

January 13, 2011

Individuation. This is a word that appealed to me even before I really knew what it meant. It’s almost as if my soul could feel how important it  is. I recently found a definition I think captures it well, a definition by James Hollis which reads “the lifelong project of becoming more nearly the person we were meant to be – what the gods intended, not the parents or the tribe, or, especially the easily intimidated or inflated ego”. Two phrases jumped out at me. The first is “the whole person”. This would seem to imply that wholeness is our birth right, we are here to fully experience the entirety of our being, not just part of it. Looked at in this light, I can also see that whatever journey we take through life, it is all part of the greater plan for us to experience who we truly are and that all our experiences are sent for us not to us. How would you see your life differently if you knew that everything you were experiencing was all part of a grand plan to help you become “more nearly the whole person you were meant to be”?

The second phrase that caught my attention is “what the gods intended”  At first glance that seems like our lives are a “fait accompli” or predestined, but this all depends on who you see “the gods” to be.  Hold on to the  small “g” if that makes  it easier for you. If God is omnipresent then he/she is in you too and so that means you possess all the qualities of God aswell. Does that feel like a stretch? Well I compare God to the ocean and humans to the drops of water that make up the ocean. If you take a cup of water out of the ocean is it still the ocean?  The cup of water possesses the same qualities as the water in the ocean.   In this way I see that we are all gods possessing the qualities of the Divine and therefore we have the power to create whatever we want for our lives. We are omnipotent.

Whilst this year is still in its infancy, I invite you to take some time and  think carefully what you intend for yourself as this year unfolds. Remember you are all powerful, so why not harness your power and intend for yourself a life beyond measure. If you don’t yet have an intention in mind, here are a few prompts to get you going.

  • What parts of yourself have you not  met yet?
  • What qualities would you like to experience in yourself?
  • What would it take for you to feel whole again?
  • What parts of your life no longer serve you?
  • How much of the life you live is actually yours?
  • What would you do if you knew that no one cared?
  • Where would you go if you knew that money, time or family were not an issue?
  • What have you left unsaid?
  • What would you say if you knew your words could not hurt anyone?
  • When will enough ever be enough?
  • When will it finally be ok for you to get what  you want?
  • Whose permission are you seeking and why?

I hope these questions get you thinking about what you intend for your life.  If you can’t think  what you want, then just keep writing yourself questions. Maybe those answers will help you set your intentions.  Once you’ve set your intentions, surrender to the belief that they will happen.  Please note I said “surrender” not “figure out the how”.  Once you are clear, the universe conspires with you to make your desires come true.

My wish for you this year is love and courage to more consciously embrace the part you play in your individuation!


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